Self-Help List

2016-09-05 (Monday) by Mikael Linusson

I got inspired by Leo Babauta's Self Help List that he posted the other day, so I wrote my own list.

  1. Feed your desires! Know what you want to achieve and focus your mind upon it (and not upon what you don't want).
  2. Focus on one goal at a time! Create a step-by-step plan. Take action until it's done, then celebrate.
  3. During your days, focus on making progress (not on results or on a goal per se, but on moving forward, one step and action at a time).
  4. Learn what you need to learn, but then focus on achieving the things you are going to achieve. Don't spend (i.e. waste) time learning more than what you need right now. Every thing has its time, and tomorrow's things ain't meant for today.
  5. Be a life-long learner! And don't forget to also stir things up by doing and/or learning completely new things every now and then. I know it might seem contradictory to the previous point, but life isn't black or white, and we all have downtime that we can use in better ways than on social media or watching TV.
  6. Travel light all the way through life, don't keep and carry more than you need, neither mentally nor physically. Accept discomfort and challenges as part of life and don't let them push you around more than necessary.
  7. Begin now! Make today "someday". Waiting gets you nowhere. Realize that every day is a gift. Ask yourself how you want to spend this precious day. Ask yourself how you want to spend your precious life. Take life one day at a time and say to yourself: "Just for today I will...." then follow through, just for today.
  8. Accept responsibility for taking your life in the direction that you want it to move. Where are your current actions taking you? What's the story you want to write with the rest of your life?
  9. Do things you love to do! Embrace your creativity! Have fun! Every single day.
  10. Hide a note for a loved one! Show affection for the people you care about.
  11. Exercise regularly! Meditate to find inner peace.
  12. Get shit done! Life is meant to be lived.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post! May the force be with you as you go through life. And may you find a way to cherish the days that lie ahead of you, as they come.