Life is Now

2012-05-27 (Sunday) by Mikael Linusson

The time has come! It's time to change. It's time to be who and how I really want to be. It's time to live the life I want to live, the life of my dreams. It's time to do what I want to do and get the boring shit out of my life.

You can't change your life by just doing what you've always done. You've got to act, take actions. You've got to stir up your life, disturb the equilibrium.

I've got so many things I want to spend my life doing, and I'm aiming high from now on.

I've spent years trying to change without really getting anywhere, my focus has often been in the wrong place and I think fear has kept holding me back, fear of the unknown, fear of failure. But the greatest and maybe only failure, is the failure of not trying, so no more excuses.

At the same time, even if I haven't really got anywhere in my life, I still think that these last years have been a big and important part of my transformation and my journey towards where I want to be. It's been a lot of education and preparation, maybe too much sometimes, but it has taken me where I am now, which feels really good. :)

Now it is time for me to step out of my comfort zone and start doing all the things I've thought about for years. Doing instead of thinking.

Life is now!