Catch Opportunities and Create Moments

2012-06-09 (Saturday) by Mikael Linusson

The other day when I was driving home on the highway, there had been an accident and the road was closed off. So I had to leave the highway and drive on some small roads out in the country. After a few miles I had the option to join the highway again (on the other side of the accident) and continue on towards my home the regular way. It would have been the quickest way home, without a doubt, but instead I decided to continue on the small country road.

I didn't have a clear knowledge of how to get home, I knew the approximate direction, which towns to drive towards, but wasn't sure what was supposed to be the best way. But I enjoyed driving in the beautiful sunset and realized that if I didn't drive this way now, I probably never would. And sooner or later I was sure to find my way home.

So I turned the music off, relaxed, and really enjoyed it all. The sunset, my inner peace, and the beautiful landscape, which sometimes was wide open while at other times there was woods on both sides of the road. I also drove through quite a few small villages that I had never seen before. I had a really great time and it was fun to guess which roads to follow, which way I should drive in the crossroads and so on. I also tried to memorize as many names that I could of all the villages I went by.

When I finally got home I was only about 10-15 minutes later than I would have been if I'd driven the highway. And I got so many impressions and memories just by this little detour, so it was definitely worth it.

Some people would probably have been all stressed out and irritated about the forced detour, and I could have chosen the quickest alternative way home, but instead I was totally in peace and accepted it all "as is" and made the best out of it. I loved every second of it.

Catching our opportunities to create our own special moments can be quite a blast. And it's fun. I like fun! :)

So catch your opportunities and create your moments!