How Can I Be Me?

2012-06-10 (Sunday) by Mikael Linusson

I got the question "How can I be me?" from the book "Bruce Lee - The Warrior Within".

It's a very good question and as the book also states, it's important to know yourself.

Knowing ourselves is a life long endeavor as we continually grow, change, evolve, get influenced by other people, get influenced by outer circumstances, and so on. So to know ourselves we have to keep on getting to know ourselves. We need to question our own patterns and behaviors, try to understand ourselves, all in an objective way. Which often might be easier said than done.

By being as you've always been, are you really being you?

Life should be about expressing ourselves, being ourselves, fulfilling ourselves.

How can you be yourself? What can you do to express the real you? How can you be you?