Knowledge is Useless

2012-08-24 (Friday) by Mikael Linusson

I hope I caught you with that headline, haha. ;)

The complete sentence is: Knowledge is useless, unless you use it. :)

Nothing I ever write on this site will help you if you don't make use of it. Knowledge is useless until it's used, just like ideas. Most people have a lot of ideas, a lot of good ideas, but if they don't act on them, if they don't make them reality, then they really are, more or less, useless.

No matter how many books and blogs about personal development you read, you won't change, you won't get anywhere, you won't realize any of your dreams, unless you begin to take action, unless you begin to implement the things you have learned, unless you make use of all that knowledge of yours.

Knowledge is plentiful in this world we live in. So many good books, so many good blogs, so many good thoughts, words of wisdom everywhere. And it's all there for you to learn from.

As information is everywhere the first challenge is to actively choose which information (knowledge) you want to feed your brain with, which really is an important thing to do. The next challenge is to make use of what you learn. Because knowing is not enough, we must apply (as Goethe said so many years ago).

A lot of people these days read books and blogs about personal development and similar subjects, and that is just great, the more the better. But it would be even better if more people applied what they read, if more people really did the exercises from the books, if more people answered the questions the authors tell them to think about and to answer (in writing). Because that is what would make the biggest difference in people's life.

I know this from personal experience as I used to be one who just read really great books, but then, apart from thinking through a few things while reading, I almost never did any exercises, answered any questions, or did any of the action steps. And even if I gained a lot of theoretical knowledge while doing so, I know that I missed out on quite a few learning experiences by skipping what probably is the most important step of any book out there, the applying of the knowledge.

Making use of all the knowledge we have is what makes a difference in our lives.