Smile, Laugh and Radiate Happiness

2012-09-19 (Wednesday) by Mikael Linusson

Do you see a lot of grouchy, cranky and grumpy people around you? People that are in bad mood for more or less no reason? Do you meet them on the streets wherever you go? The cashier at the grocery store? Your colleagues? Your spouse?

Can it be that they are just a reflection of your own mood? Maybe they are just responding to the energy that you send out? Whether you answer yes or no to those two questions I have a fun little experiment that you could try. :)

For the next two or three weeks try taking more initiative by smiling and laughing more. Relax and enjoy life and see if the number of happy people around you will increase, I think they will.

Emotions, moods, facial expressions, etc. are contagious, so be thoughtful with what emotions and moods you radiate, and what facial expressions you give out to your surroundings.

When you come into a room or a shop, greet with a cheerful voice and with a big smile, do not worry about if you barely even get a mumble in reply, just make sure to spread happiness around you. I think you will see a lot more happy people around you. Do it and see what happens. Make a fun little game out of it. You can always go back to your old way of being afterwards.

Be a role model for others to follow and let your own good mood be reflected right back at you.