The Game of Life

2012-09-27 (Thursday) by Mikael Linusson

Your life is the most important game you'll ever play. How well are you playing it?

  • Are you playing to win or lose?
  • Are you planning your life as well as you would plan your next move in a game of chess?
  • Are you spending more time planning your vacation than planning your life?
  • Are you encouraging and celebrating the good things in life or whining and complaining about the bad things?
  • Have you already settled in or are you still going forward?

Play To Win

Whenever a sportsman, or let's say a pro gamer, or anyone else engaged in some kind of competition or game, lose their temper or begin to believe that they will lose, they most often will lose. Because they lose the almighty focus, they lose their aim, and ultimately they will probably lose the game.

If you play a game and go for tie, like playing defensive and hoping the opponent won't score, then there is a very small chance, if any at all, that you'll win. But there's a pretty big chance of you losing the game. And if you play your life the same way, just hoping to get by, chances are big you will lose that game too.

Always play to win the game of life, but don't get disheartened when you lose, don't get discouraged or lose your temper. Learn the lessons and move on. You know, even if it's the most important game you'll ever play, it's still just a game. And when I say "Play to win", remember that you are not playing against the rest of the world, you are only playing against yourself, or probably more correct, with yourself. Winning is not crushing other people, winning is doing what you want, when you want to, in the way that you want to do it.

Everything is an adventure, another lever to beat. Focus on winning the game one level at a time, one obstacle at a time, one challenge at a time.

You Define Success

Success in the game of life is what you choose it to be. Not what your parents told you, not what society in general or the people around you told you, not what I or anyone else tell you, but what you decide it to be.

You might think of life as a sandbox game like Minecraft (or Lego for you non-virtual people out there), because that's more or less what it is, but with even more freedom and possibilities. So set your own goals and adventures to embark upon. Think big, set some goals, make plans, and get going. Play your life one level at a time. And try to not take everything so damn serious. Life should be fun. Each day should be something to look forward to, or at least include something to look forward to.

Maybe you can't change everything you want to at once, but it's all about ongoing improvements. Keep aiming forward, keep doing the things you love to do, keep changing the things you don't like. And remember to enjoy the journey, the goals are mostly there for you to have something to aim for. Leave your comfort zone and create a new bigger one, expand your horizon, again and again. Celebrate every step forward, every success, whether big or small. Build your courage step by step, day by day, success by success. Retry every level until you make it, or until you decide that there is another level you rather play. Be unstoppable in the game of life!

Create Your Own Rules

Nothing in life is as important as we make it up to be. So don't take things too seriously. See life as one big game and make mini-games out of boring tasks to make them more fun. :)

And remember, there isn't any way to fail in this game, because you know what, there really isn't any rules, except for the ones that you make up. You can be, do and have more or less whatever you want, as long as you are willing to do what it takes.

The game of life is already running so get up and start playing the most fun game ever made. Give it your best and don't cry over lost scores. We all fail sometimes. =)