What Do You Need To Be Happy?

2012-10-17 (Wednesday) by Mikael Linusson

What do you need, truly need, to be happy in life? We think we need a lot more things than we really do.

What are the things that are necessary for you to have to be able to feel happy? There's a lot of things we want, but unless you want to always be striving for future happiness, when are you going to be satisfied? When are you going to feel happy?

Sure, as I just said, there is a lot of things we want to have, but do you really need most of them to be happy?

What are you aiming for? When will you allow yourself to be happy with what you have? How much more do you need?

Unless you already are extremely happy with everything in life, when will you be it? What's missing? What can you do about it? When can you do something about it? Which things are really necessary? And which would just be nice to have, but you could live well without them and still be happy?

And then, even if you never got anything more in life, would those things be enough to sustain your happiness? If not, add what you feel would be missing. This is all about finding your own sweet spot, the perfect balance, without cutting away or adding too much.

Don't aim for everything because that will never allow you to be happy, you'll always be on the hunt for something. Know what you want, know your priorities, focus on the important things. Give yourself a chance to be genuinely happy by going for the truly necessary things.

I talk about things, but this is also about what you want to be and do in life.