Fool Death By Living

2012-12-11 (Tuesday) by Mikael Linusson

Disclaimer: Don't do something stupid! The responsibility is all yours. =)

A lot of people spend their lives always choosing what they believe to be the most secure way through life. They choose the "secure" job with the best possible salary (within their imagined range of their max salary), they relinquish their dreams just to run down the "easiest" path through life, until death suddenly isn't a "someday" thing anymore.

The Easy Path is a Lie

The "easy path" through life is seldom easy and it's often accompanied by a lot of agony, misery and even hate. In other words, for a lot of people, it really isn't as easy as they choose to believe. People hate their jobs and long for some vacation just to get a temporary escape from the hell that they've created all for themselves. People stay in relationships even though they should have left a long time ago. People keep living in a country that they despise 6 months a year, they hate every second of the cold and dark winter, but they keep on living there year after year, because they "know what they got" and they feel insecure about all the major changes that moving would cause.

Security - The Great Illusion

Security (i.e. fear) controls a lot of our thinking and decisions, we have been learned to avoid thinking that the grass is greener on the other side, but shouldn't we also consider that the grass on the other side is at least some other grass? It's a new life experience over there, not just more of the same old "been there done that".

People stay at jobs they hate, and fear to start their own company because they've heard that it's more insecure. Instead they choose to create an illusion that their current job is good enough and secure, even though (in reality) they could lose it any day soon.

Fear Has Its Time and Place

Of course, there is a time for fear and security, you probably shouldn't walk through a bad neighbourhood all by yourself in the middle of the night, and a lot of other things. But we have a tendency to choose the "secure" path even when there isn't any real danger. Life is meant to be lived, not feared. Life should be a long stream of experiences, not an endless repeat of the same old.

Don't Fear Change

People use their creativity to come up with reasons why they can't do something, when they should use it to find out how to get where they want to be instead. Sure, to reach the goals of your dreams, might demand some hard work and it probably will take some time. But time will pass whether you do something useful with it or not.

Don't fear change, change is inevitable. Which changes are you holding back on based out of fear or based on some illusion of security that you've created all by yourself?

Fool Death By Living

Are you going to be a master of change or play victim to it? Are you going to keep on reacting to the events that happens to you (apply for new jobs when you lose the current one, find a new partner when the current one kicks you out, and so on...)? Or are you going to be proactive, take charge and create the life of your dreams? Are you going to rule your life and take responsibility for your own happiness?

Security is mostly an illusion. We can't escape death, but we can fool it by living.