Today is More Than Just Another Day

2013-03-01 (Friday) by Mikael Linusson

Today is not just another day.
Today is the only chance you get to live this day.
Today is the only day that you know for sure that you are going to get, because it's already here.
Yesterday is already history and tomorrow is nothing but a dream, a hope, an eventuality.

Today is a wonderful day, because today you can influence things, today you can change things, today you can live.
Forget about your problems for a while and make yourself happy by making someone else happy.
A simple little gesture on your part can make another person's day a day to remember.
The next words you say to someone could actually be the last words that person ever hear from you.

So stop hiding behind that mask of yours and be the wonderful person you really are
Today you are bigger and more important than all the problems that might be stupid enough to come your way.
Spread joy, laughter and thoughtfulness to everything and everyone that crosses your path during the day.
Let your wonderful joy flow freely, if only for a day... and let that day be today.