Simplify Your Life by Doing and Having Less

2013-03-24 (Sunday) by Mikael Linusson

To be able to do more of what you want is a lot about simplifying your life. Because even if there are some things that you have to do for now, there are probably a lot of other things that you can do less of or stop doing altogether.

Some suggestions:
Get rid of stuff and you will need to spend less time cleaning. Read more here: Purge Your Stuff, Item by Item.
Spend less time watching TV.
Maybe you have way to many birthday parties and get-togethers in your life? Simplify your social life to free up more time.
Spend less time online on social networks.
Can you afford to work part time only?
Find a job closer to your home or move so that you don't need to spend as much time commuting. Or maybe work more from home if that's a possibility.

Think about your life and how you usually spend your time. Which of all those tasks do you really want to do? Which can you stop doing? Which brings us to the next part of this blog post.

Do You Really Have To Do It?

If there are things in your life that you would rather not do, then think about if you really need to do them.

Does it really need to be done? Or are you just doing it out of old habits or because you think some other people might expect you to do it? If you want to be truly happy you can't let other people's "wants" control you. And you also need to question the things you do out of habit.

If things need to be done but you don't want to do them, try to find another way to get them done. Is there a possibility that you could hire someone else to do it? Or can you make a deal with someone, so that if they do this task, then you do something else for them?

Ask yourself why you are doing things and be honest. Then try to find solutions.

And remember that if people find it hard to accept the changes you make in your life, then maybe they aren't meant to be part of it. If you always aim to please other people you will have a hard time finding happiness. By this I don't mean being disrepectful, even if it might be the only solution when dealing with certain human beings. Read Dare to Say No for some tips about how to handle people.