That’s Not The Way You Are

2013-05-23 (Thursday) by Mikael Linusson

Today we'll look at another popular excuse that a lot of people use.

Have you ever heard someone say "That's just the way I am", using it to justify their bad, inappropriate, stupid, lazy, or whatever it might be, behavior? Or have you even used it yourself?

Sure, it might be the way you have been and behaved up until now, but in no way, and I really mean in no way, do you make anything better by keep on doing or behaving that way. If you thought your behavior, your way of being, was alright, then you wouldn't have made the excuse in the first place, so get your act together and stop using this lame excuse.

How you have been in the past has nothing to do with how you choose to act here and now. That's not the way you are, that's the way you might have been, but no more. Today is a new day, now is a new moment, and whatever decision you make about how to be and act, is a new decision. Don't blame the past you for how you choose to act now.

From today and on you are free to choose how you behave and act in every new moment of life, your past you doesn't own you. You are here, you are now, you are making new decisions, better decisions, having more fun, and living your life without bad and pointless excuses that just hold you back. Go out into the world and be the new you, the new and ever-changing you.

At any time, at any moment in life, we can change our way of being. New decisions will lead to new behavior, new actions, and face it, change is instant, as soon as you make a change, it happens, there is no delay.

Why keep on being as you've always been when you already know what that will bring you? Do something new, behave in a new way, and get some new results in life. Begin now!