Windows 7 – A Required Device Driver Is Missing

2013-05-25 (Saturday) by Mikael Linusson

If you've tried to install Windows 7 and got the "A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing" error message, then I have a solution that might help.

When I googled this myself I found a lot of different advice, such as to install the aforementioned drivers, which of course might be a good idea if you have them at hand. But my external DVD drive shouldn't need any other drivers than the Windows standard driver, so this wasn't an option for me.

I also saw people say that you should change your SATA-settings from AHCI to IDE in BIOS, but that feels like a long shot.

My Solution

This is what made it work for me.

I realised that I had put my external DVD drive in an USB 3.0 port, which Windows 7 apparently didn't have any drivers for, so I moved it to an USB 2.0 port, rebooted the computer and then everything worked nicely. Easy when you know it. :)

So if you are getting this device driver error, my suggestion is that you try to move your USB drive to another USB port on your motherboard. BTW, USB 3.0 ports are supposed to be blue.

Bonus tips: Yellow USB ports are most often "always on" ports, i.e. you can, for example, use them to load you mobile phone even when your computer is turned off.