How Do You Affect The People Around You?

2013-06-26 (Wednesday) by Mikael Linusson

Have you ever thought about what effect you have on the people that come in contact with you? How do you affect them? Do you think you have a positive impact on their lives, their days? Do you think people are happier because they met you today?

Take a moment and think about it. Think about the people you've met the last days, how do you think they felt because of their interactions with you? Better or worse? Happy or sad? Clear or confused? Vibrant or dull?

As you probably have realized, everything we do and say, from the biggest to the smallest, have an impact on the people we interact with. We can always, in every moment of life, choose between dragging people down or lifting them up. We have a choice between making people smile and be happy or making them feel bad or even angry.

Our behaviour is subconscious in a lot of ways, but we can change it, we can improve, we can be friendlier, funnier, more uplifting, more energetic, more easygoing, more whatever you want. :)

So go out tomorrow and smile big towards everyone you meet. And when you greet people say something fun and/or uplifting. Make the sun shine by being the sun. Bring some positive energy into every room you enter. Sure, you might have to fake it some days, life isn't always perfect, but it doesn't matter, fake it till you make it.

By giving positive and loving energy you will get a lot of the same back too. So as Ghandi said, be the change you wish to see. :)