The Things You Never Do

2013-08-02 (Friday) by Mikael Linusson

The things you never do they won't get done. No one else are going to come by and do some magic things that will change your life into the dream you've always had. You yourself have to get up and do the work.

A distant goal isn't what will create happiness now. Even if reaching the goal is a big milestone that will make your life way better, there must be some happiness and joy in the journey towards that dream, or it will become very hard and tedious to reach it. So make sure that the dream you have is a lot about what you will do in your everyday life, right here and now, and not just about some distant goal. Because you will be living in your everyday life for a while, maybe even for a long time to come.

The time you have every day in your life is the most precious thing you'll ever have. Because by spending that time in the right way you can achieve almost anything in life. If you don't spend today doing the things you know you need to do to reach your dream, then you push your dream in front of you. Every day that you do something else than the things you really want to do, that's another day that you push your dreams in front of you.

The things you never do they won't get done! So what do you want to do? When are you going to start doing it?