My Ludum Dare #27 Game: Graviteer

2013-08-27 (Tuesday) by Mikael Linusson

Yihaaa, I did finish my game in time. I submitted it with four minutes to go, not bad at all. :D

After the 35+ hours coding maraton this weekend I was pretty tired yesterday, like in some kind of post Ludum Dare / back to real life limbo. But now everything is getting back to normal again. :)

So anyway, here's some info, screenshots and links to my game. :)


The basic idea of Graviteer is similar to old classic Amiga games like Gravity Force and Turboraketti. I really loved those games. :)

Graviteer has three different game modes, each with their own version of the "Ten Seconds" theme, which was the theme of Ludum Dare #27.



Three Different Game Modes

There are 3 levels per game mode and as I'm such a nice guy you have five extra lives in each mode. :D

You race from one platform to another one. You've got ten seconds between each checkpoint, make it in time or die.

In this mode you need to kill one enemy every ten seconds or you die. The goal is to kill all the enemies and then return to the platform. This mode is pretty hard as I didn't have any time left to tweak it.

Delivery Day
Go get all the red packages and bring them back to your base, one by one. You have ten seconds to find a package, then you have 10 seconds to bring it back to the main platform.


Here's how to play / steer. :)

Accelerate: Up Arrow, A, or Left Ctrl
Steer: Right and Left Arrow
Fire: Space, S, or Left Shift
Escape: Abort the current round and go to menu.

Play or Download

Play Web Version of Graviteer
Download Graviteer Windows Version
Download Graviteer Mac OS X Version
Download Graviteer Linux Version