How I Spent My Time Making My Ludum Dare Game

2013-09-09 (Monday) by Mikael Linusson

While taking part in Ludum Dare #27 I kept a detailed time log. Today I went through it and summed it up, and here's the result. :)

You can find the game here: Graviteer

A bit more detailed info:
The numbers are in minutes.

  • 842 - Writing Code
  • 373 - Creating Graphics
  • 250 - Unity Stuff (Create Project, Setup Camera, Resolution, Folders, Add Graphics and Sounds, Change Settings, Create Scenes, and so on...)
  • 248 - Level Building / Editing
  • 209 - Breaks / Food
  • 138 - Writing Blog Posts + Twitter Messages
  • 60 - Game Design
  • 59 - Creating Sounds
  • 45 - Testing
  • 40 - Uploading (Including Exporting Versions from Unity and Creating Screenshots)
  • 36 - Reading Docs / Google Something
  • 22 - Misc. Admin (Update Todo List, www stuff)
  • 6 - Web surfing, Mail, and Twitter Reading


  • Total Number of Minutes Used: 2328 (38h 48 min)
  • Maximum Number of Minutes Available: 2880
  • Percentage of Time Used: 80,8333%


  • The testing is pretty low because a lot of the testing was made while implementing things and didn't get its own line in the time log.
  • The nearer the deadline I got, the less exact was my timelog, but I've split the time between multiple items when I hadn't written an exact time between every item on the list (which I didn't do the last two hours before the deadline).
  • The rest of the time during the competition was spent sleeping (in the beginning and in the middle).
  • Most of the blogging was on day one.

I was quite surprised when I realized that I had spent almost three and a half hour having breaks or eating food.