What Happened To The Spontaneity?

2013-10-02 (Wednesday) by Mikael Linusson

When we were young, both as really young kids and in our youth, we were masters of spontaneity. We did what we felt like doing right there and then. We focused on having fun and we never worried about wasting time or about getting things done. We just did what we felt too, and we had lots of fun while doing it.

Hanging with friends was such a natural part of our lives, not something that we had to make room for and plan into our busy schedules. Then we became grown-ups and a lot of things went downhill.

Spontaneity and having fun should still be some of our most important priorities, because what is life meant to be if not fun? And being spontaneous is fun, no doubt about it, doing what we feel thrilled to do right here and now, that's what matters, that's what makes life worth living. At least, that's when I feel the most happy and fulfilled.

To be able to be more spontaneous we need to free up time, maybe by working fewer hours, spending less time commuting, having fewer musts, learning to say no to the things we really don't want to do, and so on. Time is a precious and valuable gift and we should treat it well.

Don't fall into the dogma that you have to live your life like everyone else does. It's your life and you are free to make better choices than most people are doing. It's not a sin to live your life the way you want to, it's your right and you owe it to yourself.

Free up time, dare to be spontaneous, and dare to spend time doing the things you love to do. You will never be happy unless you spend most of your time doing things that will make you happy.