When Will Life Be Good Enough For You?

2013-11-17 (Sunday) by Mikael Linusson

Human beings are really good at chasing after some imagined happiness in the future, then when we reach it, we chase the next. It's nothing wrong with having goals and striving forward, it's only a problem if we are never satisfied with what we currently have, with the life we live right now.

You can decide to be happy and then stay happy, but still strive forward for other things in life. So my question is, what are the essentials that you need to become happy and then stay happy?

When will life be good enough for you? What changes are you waiting for? What are the changes that will change it all? When will you be satisfied with how your life has become? With what your life is?

And finally, when will you take care of those changes and make them a reality? Or if you are already working on them, when do you expect them to come through?

No one else will come and save you and someday will never come. If you want something to change, if you want something to become a reality, then it's up to you to go out and create it.