Can’t Quit Excel Problem, One Solution

2014-01-29 (Wednesday) by Mikael Linusson

I got a strange problem after installing VS2013 / Team Foundation. I couldn't close Excel anymore. It either did nothing (so I had to terminate it the hard way) or crashed every time. And it didn't matter if I clicked the right hand corner X, tried to exit via the menu, or pressed ALT+F4 on the keyboard. Nothing worked!

Being a computer nerd I attached the debugger when it crashed and ended up in TFSOfficeAdd-in.dll. That sounded like a file I neither needed nor wanted to have on my disk.

So I terminated the debugging and Excel, then searched the disk and found two versions of this file. I renamed both to _TFSOfficeAdd-in.dll and tried Excel again.

Now my Excel works just like it should again. :)

Hint to MS: Don't install an Office-addon in an Office-version that doesn't work with that addon.