Thunderbird places.sqlite 10 MB Size Fix

2014-10-03 (Friday) by Mikael Linusson

I'm using my Thunderbird remotely over a network and didn't like the fact that the places.sqlite always defaults to 10 MB. I searched for a solution to make its default size smaller, but couldn't find any working solutions. And every time I removed the file it got recreated but I finally found a solution that seems to work.

The Solution

This is my solution to the unnecessary big places.sqlite file in Thunderbird.

1. Close Thunderbird
2. Go to your Thunderbird profile directory
3. Remove the places.sqlite file
4. Create a folder / directory with the exact same name, i.e. places.sqlite
5. Start Thunderbird again

Now Thunderbird can't recreate the file because there is already a folder occupying its name. It might not be the most beautiful solution, but it did work for me and I haven't noticed any strange side effects.

If you get an error or something (I didn't) go into Preferences, Advanced Tab, Config Editor and make sure that places.history.enabled is set to false.

BTW, don't do this on your Firefox profile, you more or less need the places.sqlite file there. :)