An Important Thing About Goals

2014-10-30 (Thursday) by Mikael Linusson

One important thing to remember about goals is that it shouldn't be the goal that matters the most. The goal should only be a pointer, a direction to walk, something to strive towards. The goal should make you live your life and days in a way that you love to live. The goal should give joy to you every day on the journey towards its achievement. Don't put all the happiness in achieving the goal, put the happiness in the working towards the goal.

Don't spend years doing something you hate just to reach a goal. Don't waste life and happiness now in hope of future happiness. Life is now! Life should be fun now!

Set goals that will make you live your life in a way that you truly want to live. Make the actions of today more important than the achievement of a future goal. Set goals and plan the future but remember to live in the now. Remember to have fun and enjoy life in its current moment, i.e. today. Now is the time, the only time you'll ever have.

If you don't enjoy today and tomorrow never comes, then that's it, game over, you lost.