Why Write?

2014-11-03 (Monday) by Mikael Linusson

Why write? Especially about things regarding personal development? Haven't everything already been both said and written, again and again, over the years? Do I really have something new to add?

That's some really good questions.

Most things have probably already been both said and written. But first of all, most people haven't read or heard it all, not even a fraction of it. And most people have definitely not heard it being said in my voice, written in my way, even though my way might be very similar to other people, as after all, I've been inspired by the books I've read and by the words I've heard. But I've also been inspired by the life I've lived and the thoughts I've pondered, by the way I've thought about things, by the unique combination of books that I've read.

So even if I don't think I have a lot of unique things to say, maybe not anything at all, I still think that my way of saying those things might speak to someone who would not have bothered about those things if he/she had heard or read someone else saying or writing those things. Maybe they would never read or hear those words if it wasn't for me, or maybe me saying something will repeat and reinforce what they already "knew". Either way, just the chance of someone being positively affected by my words is a reason enough for me to write these words.

No one of us can help all the people out there or have a positive impact on everybody walking this earth. But all of us can help someone and have a positive impact on somebody's life.

And finally, every word I write will at least always help one person in its own personal development, and that's me. Most of the stuff I write on this blog I used to write in a notebook before I started this blog, and sure, I have to spend some more time tweaking and thinking about things when I'm going to publish them, but that only makes me think deeper about things so it is really good for my own development.

I also love to write, or more specifically, I love to read, think, and write. :)