It’s The Doing That Counts

2014-11-04 (Tuesday) by Mikael Linusson

Life is all about doing, about what you do, about how you spend your precious time. It's the doing that counts!

Even if you decide to just sit there and stare at a white wall, it's still the doing that counts.

So find out what you love to do and then do it. Spend your precious time doing things you love and life will be so much more fun.

To be able to do more of what you love to do you need to stop doing other things. You must prioritize the fun stuff, your passions, or they will always be pushed aside.

To rise and shine and live the life you are truly meant to live, you better start doing more of the things you've got passion for, the things that you love to do. Enjoy as many minutes of life as possible. Begin with this one, right here and right now. Do something you love to do, if only for a minute.