In The End

2014-07-18 (Friday) by Mikael Linusson

We came to life, to live and see
We came to life, to the best us be
We came to give, not to get
We came to seek peace, instead of threat

We came to be nice, to each other
We came to have fun, not to bother
We came to share joy, to deeply laugh
Not to reach the top, on some silly graph

We came to share knowledge, seek to be wise
We came to help each other reach for the skies
We came to be grateful and do what's right
And to never let our dreams, out of sight

We came to love, not to spread hate
We came to do it all, before it's too late
We came to live, and give it our all
And in the end, this might be our call


Personal Development Should Be Fun

2014-05-27 (Tuesday) by Mikael Linusson

As the title says: Personal development should be fun. Period!

If it ain't fun your are doing something wrong. :P

Find ways to make it fun. Make a game out of it. Laugh at yourself when things don't go as expected. Do silly things. Try doing something in the most hilarious way you could ever imagine. Lighten up. Don't be too serious. Don't take life too serious.

If you think that personal development is a drag, then you better rethink your why's, and how's, and everything about it. Don't follow someone else's path, find your own, create your own. Learn from others, use what works for you, discard the rest, then add your own ingredients and create and live your own way.

Sure, personal development, living and growing as a human being, might be hard sometimes, but it should be fun, at least most of the time, otherwise you better ponder whether your current way of doing things really is the way to go for you.

You only get one shot at this life. Don't make yourself regret it. Find ways to have fun in everything you do, especially your own growth.

The journey should be fun, because you know what, the journey is your life.


Make Someone’s Day Better

2014-05-25 (Sunday) by Mikael Linusson

It might be the big things we remember in life, but in our daily life it's a lot about the small things.

What small thing could you do, today, to make someone’s day better?

It doesn't have to be anything extraordinary or special at all. Just make something small and uplifting or helpful and let the only intention be that of making the other person happier. Friend or stranger, doesn't matter, just do it, with no thoughts at all about getting something in return. Just do it because you are a nice person that want to spread some light in this world of ours. :)

What you consider small might be something big and memorable for the other person. :)


World Peace is Created Act by Act

2014-03-14 (Friday) by Mikael Linusson

I don't care whose fault it is, I don't care who did what or who said what, I don't care who's the terrorist, who's the bad guy, or who's the good guy, I don't care about who hates who, or who deserves what, I don't care about who owned which land parts first, but I do care about peace.

Peace is based in love. War is based in fear and hate. We need love, not fear and hate.

Maybe we can't create world peace, but man by man, woman by woman, one human being at a time we can start being more lovingly towards each other. We can create a more peaceful world.

We can blame war on religion, politicians, terrorists, and so on, but the fact is that hostility, hate, fear, jealousness, prejudices, and fighting is an everyday act in most (maybe all) parts of the world, even the so called civil world. And how on earth can we expect peace in the world when we can't even live peacefully with our neighbors, or be friendly and lovingly towards our relatives, coworkers, and all the other people we meet while going through life?

World peace might be an impossible mission, but we can make the world a better and more peaceful place by being friendly and nice, by being forgiving, by being helpful, by emitting love, even by smiling more. By making the people and the generations to come more peaceful we will increase the possibility of a peaceful world, of a world in peace. It's not easy and it might never happen, but by breeding hate and hostility we are definitely making sure that it won't ever happen.

Peace starts with all of us being loving and caring towards the people we interact with, not just some of them, but towards everyone, even (and maybe especially) those we disagree with.

None of us can create world peace all by themselves, but act by act we can all help change the world into a more peaceful place. World peace is created by the choices we make in our everyday life.

Hate breeds hate, which breeds war, but more importantly, love breeds love, and that's our best weapon for world peace.

Act by act we can change the world!

<3 <3 <3


It’s a Beautiful Day

2014-02-08 (Saturday) by Mikael Linusson

The sun is shining. The birds are singing. I'm still breathing. In other words, it's a beautiful day.

There are a lot of things to love about this earth and the lives we are living. And that is just what we should be doing, we should love it all, deeply.

The beauty in everything is in the attitude we hold towards it. In the thoughts we choose to think. In what we choose to see. We ourselves create our feelings and emotions towards everything by the thoughts we choose, yes choose, to think.