About Mikael Linusson

At the time of writing you could probably describe me as a music loving computer programmer that loves to read. I also love to have fun and laugh a lot, but who doesn't. :)

Over the last decade I have grown a greater and greater interest in personal development. What started with a few books about productivity, marketing, and organizational skills have developed into one of my primary interests and have given me a completely new view of life and living.

When you have heard the alarm clock going off then there is no turning back. You just have to go for the real deal, the big dreams. You just have to live your life, live it fully, the way it was meant to be.

This site is about me, my life, my journey, my dreams. But as much as I write for my own pleasure and personal development, my wish is that my words and (later on) music will reach out to other people's minds and souls. If I can inspire or help someone on his or her journey through life, be a stepping stone towards someone's success and dreams, or just have a positive impact on anyone's life, then I'll feel proud and honored. Proud because my words meant something to someone, and honored because you people took the time to read my writings.

No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone! :)