Songs For My Funeral

2013-09-20 (Friday) by Mikael Linusson

Some years back I wrote a list of songs for my funeral (sooner or later we all die) and I wanted some songs that really represented myself and my life.

The initial list had two songs:
Frank Sinatra - My Way and Joan Jett - I Love Rock'n'Roll.

The first song "My Way" because I do my best to live my life my way, and it's such a great song with great lyrics.

The second song because, yeah, you guessed it right, I really love Rock'n'Roll. :D

Later I added one more song, which is Johann Sebastian Bach - Air. It such a beautiful song, one of my all time favorites, especially this version. But this song isn't a must, but if possible and practical it would be nice. :)

If I were to add one more song (which I won't) it would be 2 Unlimited - Jump for Joy because that song just makes me so happy and I would love to transfer that feeling of joy to the people paying tribute.

I've had a lot of fun in life, so it would be great if people would celebrate what was, instead of being sad that it's over. I never came to stay, you know, life is nothing but a brief visit in eternity of time. :)

But yeah, I still got a lot of fun things left to do, so take it easy. ;)

Your Songs

What songs would be the perfect reflection of your life? Which songs are truly you?

I know it isn't easy to select just a few songs because there are so many great tunes out there in the world, but a lot of songs go away when you really starts to think about the lyrics in combination with your life.

But then some songs speak to your soul like if they were written just for you, those are the ones. :)