Songs For My Funeral

2013-09-20 (Friday) by Mikael Linusson

Some years back I wrote a list of songs for my funeral (sooner or later we all die) and I wanted some songs that really represented myself and my life.

The list has two songs:
Frank Sinatra - My Way and Joan Jett - I Love Rock'n'Roll.

The first song "My Way" because I do my best to live my life my way, and it's such a great song with great lyrics.

The second song because, yeah, you guessed it, I really love Rock'n'Roll. :D

If I were to add one more song, it would be 2 Unlimited - Jump for Joy because that song just makes me so happy and I would love to transfer that feeling of joy to the people paying tribute.

I've had a lot of fun in life, so it would be great if people would celebrate what was, instead of being sad that it's over. I never came to stay, you know, life is nothing but a brief visit in eternity of time. :)